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So anxious tonight

Well, I have had a couple of days off after close to 40 with no days off-many with 10-12 hr days and very broken sleep. You would think I would feel great! But I am actually feeling awful.

Wired and tired tonight, which is the worsst! My brain just keeps throwing “what ifs,” at me.

I did just take some Hyland’s Calms. Praying it works. Breathing, getting uo has not so far. Anyone else awake with their mind on, SPIN?”

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Yup. I took a bunch of days off and I want to start my mind but I went online and answered a bunch of work emails! And if you have any more work off please take it, don't be like me.

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This is a common occurrence - sorry to say. Talk to your Dr. he/she may be able to help you, no need to suffer. I find Hatha Yoga very helpful and meditating if you know how, two good tools. I wish you well, be good to yourself. I send love & Hugs. Sprinkle 1. Be sure and write to us as other members may be able to help. Sprinkle.....


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