1st Therapy Session Was Perfect😄🌞🌈❤🌸

It went great👌 had a good day. Didn't get any sleep last night and fell asleep probably around 6am. I am tired tho. i took a nap and i still feel tired but i know there's no going to sleep again. My mom still looks disappointed because i was supposed to help her clean the house before my brother gets here from D.C. I did put the dishes in the dish washer and it was hard.....call it what you want but my depression is very...difficult. It still affects EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF MY LIFE. But i hope i get better😟

So my mood right now is kinda down. I wish i could be the kind of daughter that my parents want me to be. I have no friends. Zero. My life is a hard one and no one has noooo idea just how low i am. I have a long ways to go😪

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Hi Vonnah,

Fantastic that a therapy session went well for you. Even participating in the session can be mentally draining of what little energy you have left.

From personal experience I can say to you the most important thing for you is to get your sleep issues addressed. Sleep debt or sleep deficit is the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep. A large sleep debt leads to mental or physical fatigue.

Dr Google has lots of information on the subject. I like to refer people to the article which I myself was referred to understand my sleep issues


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Thank you. Despite my good day earlier, i feel more depressed now. I swear i feel like i'm going insane. The racing thoughts won't stop. I wish i was a better person....life is hard!😔😔😔


I hear you. Take comfort in the fact that you are doing the best you can. You don't have be perfect. :)


Thank you, it's overwhelming for sure. I just put a load of clothes in the washing machine that was on my floor for a few months. I wore glues and shook out every pair of pants. When i was done i had to get a cold rag and wipe myself down because of all the sweat. I feel better now. But I'm definitely overdoing it. I just have to clean my shower, sweep my bathroom floor, and clean the sink. Then i will be done for the night. Man, i am overwhelmed!!!! I have to because my brothers are visting.


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