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So over the last week I've been driving my aunt crazy acting obsessed about getting a hamster. For some reason its just really important to me and I'm obsessed about it because I feel like getting a hamster will help me with my depression a lot. I already have a cat and a fish that live in my room and there are three dogs that live in The house. Is it normal to be obsessed over something like this? I mean when my aunt couldn't find the old cage we had which doesn't even matter cause I can get a new one I broke down crying like in was having a break down. I am supposed to get a hamster in two weeks.

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Same here, I didn't have any pets but for some reason I wanted a turtle. I told my mom and she helped me to find it (she doesn't like dogs or cats in the house, but she accepted to have a turtle)

I think, pets help us to get a bit distracted, you have reasons to be responsible and that makes you forget a bit about the problems you have. A little pet is a good answer for me.


Thanks :)


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