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Not a good Day!!! 😔😔

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I feel ughhhh today!! I just came straight home from work, went straight to my room and just lost it, I started crying. I just feel like I can’t hold it all together sometimes, like everything is too much! I am stressing soooo bad! My 2 year old is sick. And I can’t do anything for him, if he has fever I can’t take him to daycare. Everyone I know works and can’t take care of him. And my husband already missed work today. I can’t afford to miss work since I just started I am being trained and missing work, just wouldn’t look good for me. I am trying sooo hard not to lose it right now but, Why does life just have to hit me with all these obstacles when I’m feeling good and settling in trying to get into my schedule/routine?? Why why why!? It’s aggravating..... like a slap in the face, or being pushed back.

I’m stressed because I literally talk to no one at work they are all older ladies like above 35 years old. I am 25 there’s nothing I could possibly have in common with them other than work. I feel bad because I keep thinking about the thanksgiving party they are throwing at work and I will have no one to sit with. No one to

Talk to, you guys don’t know how bad I am stressing about that party and dreading it. Ughh i don’t know what to do....

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First off - take a deep breath. These are issues that need to separate from each other.

Remember, there is nothing throwing these obstacles in your way. It's not your fault - it's just life.

Can we go through and discuss these events individually?

Also, are you on any meds?

How about your husband’s side of the family? Talk with your husband sit down together and find a solution. Don’t let this weigh on your shoulders alone. Alot of parents go through this too even mine did. You’re not alone! I remember being 19 in retail and worked with 35 years and older women who had children and husbands. They didn’t like me lol since I never wanted to conversate with them so I came off as arrogant but in reality I wanted to stay away from their gossip. I like to work, leave, and get on with my life. Nothing in common too so it was awkward. If the party really stresses you out don’t go but you might be surprised and miss out on a great time. Stay atleast a few minutes and say hi to others if you don’t feel comfortable you can always leave. Atleast you made the effort in trying and that’s all that counts. I promise you will make friends! it can take some time but I know you can do it! :)

This might be a good time to hug your little boy and let yourself feel the love of being a mom. All of these other things may seem more important, but I'll bet he's at the top of your list of what you really care about.

Your job will understand if you have to stay home. These things happen. If they don't understand, then that's probably not a great place to work. Your son is young. This won't be the first time he gets sick.

As for the party, those women might be more fun than you think they are once you get to know them. It's hard to be the new person at any age. Give them the same chance you'd want someone to give you. It takes time.

I'm sorry you had a bad day. Deep breaths. All you can do is your best.

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