How Do I STOP🚫 Unwanted Racing Thoughts⁉

It's early in the morning and I've been up all night not feeling tired at all.....(I'm not a doctor but looking at the bipolar type 2 symptoms i swear it explains me/ my behavior/ how i feel) or either i got another difficult mental illness. I'm not normal. I can't wait to find out when i go to the counselor.

These racing thoughts are literally almost constant. I didn't have them yesterday but its back again. I could have inappropriate and unwanted thoughts too. I wish i could examine my brain to see exactly what's wrong with it. An MRI or somethin' you know????????😭😟😭😟

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  • Hi Vonnah did you stop your Zoloft or does it not work for you? It should be helping with those racing thoughts. if you're bipolar i guess you'd need a different med, but at the moment does the Zoloft not work at all?

  • Well.....i stopped taking it. It made me feel crazy. I still feel crazy sometimes. Lately i have been feeling more energetic but it's really abnormal i don't know.

  • Hey Vonnah I’m diagnosed with bipolar depression and anxiety I’m currently taking trileptal was on lamictal but had to be switched. The racing thoughts 💭 are a bipolar symptom as well as the suddenly feel energetic it’s a mania phase. My doc doesn’t want to put me on antidepressants because he feels I don’t need them yet but he also worried that it would bring my manias up more and the higher you are the harder you crash. I been doing ok so far on the trileptal it helps a lot with my racing thoughts.

    I will be seeing my psychiatrist this week too because I may need to be up’d on my mgs because 600mgs of trileptal is the starting therapeutic dosage where it begins to work right now I’m on 750mgs. Talk to your counselor but I would seek a psychiatrist MD who would better suit your needs and probably better be able to diagnose you better as well.

  • You helped me feel more at ease reading a little bit of your story there! Thank you so much. Can i please private chat to ask more questions about the disorder?

  • Of course anytime

  • Thank you!!! I will in a few minutes!😌😌😌

  • By the way I have bipolar 2 incase you were wondering.

  • Yes, i was wondering and reading over the symtoms i kinda feel like it describes me😪 i need so much help i have so much buried deep inside i hid away for too long. I get unwanted thoughts and i just get scared and i do risky things i just want the madness to end. I know something is up.....i'm glad i did my research on bipolar disorder but I'm not doc and it could be another mental disorder but the symptoms are becoming more and more like how i would describe me. I'm scared and i pray for you the best. Thank you for sharing. You helped me and it's hard to find other people on here on this topic. Thanks again!😘💜

  • I’m glad I was of help and hopefully can be of more help. Thank you for your prayers, anything you need or want to talk about feel free to message if you want to keep it private. I’m usually good at getting back in reply fairly fast unless my hands are occupied as in doing a surgery or driving I feel asleep. Don’t know what time zone you’re in. I’m in Easten Time Zone USA just to inform you.

  • I'm sure we are in the same timezone! I'm in SC. Thank you sooooo much😁🙌

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