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New here and hoping for someone who has had ECT therapy

Hi I've had depression and anxiety for the past 11 years and have periods where I cannot work or function well. I am now in what I call remission and was helped thru ECT. I have a real problem thinking about my treatment without feeling like I'm different from everyone else because I needed so much help to bring me back. Anyone out there had a similar experience with ECT during or after.

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Hello, Don't even give it a thought. I had ETC treatment and blew it of. We are ill and we need medicine to make us feel well, just like a diabetic, or someone with a heart condition. I have friends that are diabetic and they have to watch their diets and take their shots, but they do not think about it. So I say to you, think of it as needed medicine and thankfully it worked. Bless you you are on the right road, get on and enjoy your life. I send you best wishes, love and peace. Sprinkle 1


It worked! Doesn’t matter what it took to get you there. Enjoy your new life. Hugs

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