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I’m done

I am at my lowest low right now. I already got help for my depression and suicidal ideation and bc I would always turn to popping some type of medication to release whatever feeling I had at that moment but stupid me decided to go and live life like nothing happened with everything I learned WRONG. My husband is worse than ever no one in my life cares about me they just use and abuse me to the max. No one respects me or my decisions or ideas. No one loves me I am the outcast of my whole family. I’m done being sad I’m done with life. I can’t get better this will always be me. Sad lonely and hating everything

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Why do you say that?

Even if you think that nobody cares for you?we do ok?we want you to get better we are here to help you in every way we can.you are not done yet you got your whole life ahead of you. Life is so beautiful.what can we do to make you feel better.

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Funny that when I typed your name in it wanted to autocorrect to 'Battles'. 😉👍🏻

I know the battle is hard, but I hope you can find one thing that is good in your life and begin to build on that. Of course bad things may continue to happen, but stay focused on the good things and when more good things develops just simply add them to the list. Focus on these things and the list will grow, just as a plant grows if you water it.

Hopefully you're also able to begin to eliminate/separate/minimize some of the negative parts of your life.

Life is certainly not always fair, I won't pretend that it is. Please find the good parts and use them as the foundation to build upon.


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