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I am a mess. I have had depression since I was a teen and recently started therapy. It is going ok. But I have realized in need more support from people who understand what I am going through.

I was supposed to get married last month to my fiance (3 years together) but as we got closer to the wedding, my depression kept getting worse. He broke up with me a month before the wedding. I was left to sweep up the pieces of a broken wedding while he washed his hands off my life completely. Within minutes we went from wanting to marry each-other to people who did not talk at all.

I am slowly dealing with my loss and working on my depression. But sometimes I feel like I act impulsively. Like tonight, I was sad and I called up a friend very late at night. When they did not respond, I got so angry and alone. I need some people who will understand what I am going through and stop me from making emotional decisions please. Could we make a support group?

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Isn't this a support group? I am here though and know what depression is like . I cannot go on the computor all of the time now, due to eye issues- but I wonder if you reach out to NAMI if you are in the US. Wish I lived closer to a support group also. I think your idea of starting a group is very good however especially if in person . I am sorry for your break up but hope you have other supportive people in your life.

Not sure I can stop you from making emotional decisions and acting impulsively as I am exactly the same when I’m worked up. But happy to give it a go.

I totally understand how you feel. Try to also seek an offline support group. Maybe your therapist can refer you to a support group and you might meet and connect with people who share similar interests

Hi there,

I think I can relate to when a life falls apart, and you are left picking up the pieces, including pieces of yourself back together.

I concur with the above to seek offline support, but I think we here at the Anxiety and Depression Support can definitely act as a support network.

If you think that you were depressed before you got married, then just imanange what your life COULD have been, if you did get married and you got depressed. Your husband would NEVER understand, and God forbid, what would he do THEN? He would feel “Trapped”, not knowing how to console you, and unable to trying to “understand” you, what kind of reactions can you think that he would resort to???

Take it from me who’s been there, done that, HE actually did you a favor! He gave you a glimpse of what could have happened AFTER you two got married...BEFORE THE FACT!

You sound like a sensitive person, and I’ll pray that you will overcome, and be a much better person. Remember the adage, “When one door closes...”. You have a fantastic future ahead of you. You GO GIRL, YOU GO!

I wish that I can tell you more, but our time is limited. My final thought is to not give up on life, give up on “HIM!”

P.S. If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so @ leedargue@yahoo.com

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Thank you. These are such encouraging words. If only I could accept them as easily as I understand them

I am terrified of losing my serious relationship due to mental disorders. I’m so sorry that happened to you. HUGS xoxox

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Please get help. Go for therapy. If I did, I would possibly be married today.

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