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Made a bad choice about a job offer

I feel like I'm in a deep hole of despair after turning down a job offer for some stupid reasons. Not sure why I didn't see it but maybe fear got in the way along with a sensitivity to making changes.

I can't get the thoughts of me without this job out my head. I cannot even take a cat nap since the thoughts immediately awake me. I cannot do anything I enjoyed in the past. I cannot even watch TV.

I'm trying to find another opportunity but it is hard to find anything close to what I lost. I didn't see it at the time but the new job would have been my dream job. Can someone provide any guidance for me? I've been to a number of doctors and counselors but to little avail.

I hate my current job now... things have gone way sour. Things where not so bad when I made the decision. It is a high paying job with excellent benefits and I don't want to give that up but buy man there are reminders every minute of my bad decision at work.


I spend almost all of my waking life outside of my job (even a little there too) submitting seeming endless resumes and applications but with little response back.

Ending my life would transfer this pain to my family. Don't want that.

What shall I do? I'm praying almost constantly for an answer.

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Sounds like you feel extreme regret and that is causing you anxiety. I think everything happens for a reason and even though you feel lost right now, I am sure there was a good reason you turned down that job offer. Keep your head up! Times are tough right now and it's hard to see the bright side. I hope you find another job. Stay strong


Well all you can do is keep looking and let that company know you are interested if anything similar comes along that you had to turn down at time for personal reasons and that you did not want to commit to them until your business was handled and you could focus fully on new job.


Hey, I know what it is like to have deep regrets/ guilt about some past issues and I am old- but life still goes on. Who knows why you turned this job down? Maybe something did not feel right. The good news though is that you have a job. Rumination can be a spiral in itself- I know.


I can remember doing something similar. a few years ago. I had been made redundant from a job of 10 years. I had a realy good CV, I got to Proactive in looking for a new job. and at one time I was offered 3 different jobs at the same time. I took one and rejecte d the others. It was only then I released I had took the wrong job. I tried to go back to the other one that was offered me, they then said no. 2 months later that company went bust, the moral of the story things happen for a reason, think positive and been happy you have made the wright decision


trust your insight


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