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Severe Depression Got Me In Chains😑

I lay in bed all day. I have eating problems. I always feel like I'm starving. Laying in bed sleeping off and on all day and everyday. Right now my lower back is hurting from being in bed i think. I feel so trapped inside my mind. Sometimes i wish i could just go to a mental hospital to get treatment. I never felt normal. I feel so sick mentally and physically. I know my parents are ashamed of me. My older brothers probably want nothing to do with me anymore. I have no friends and no driving liscense i am just a big failure. This depression has me in chains.

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I bet most of the things you feel about your family aren't true. If they love you they wont be ashamed of you. People are more understanding than you think. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself.

I think the same things about my own family at times, but it's irrational and for the most part I make it worse in my mind than it actually is in reality. It's called "Projection", putting your perception of what others think of you instead of what they really are thinking in reality are normally quite different.

I do this all the time. Another one is called "Mind reading" where I perceive someone's thoughts about me even if it's not true and I think they're having negative thoughts about me, but they probably aren't.

What's the problem with your eating habits? Are you eating too much or not enough?

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Good advice. I feel like both. Sometimes i eat once or twice a day. And it won't be a big meal. I can go all day without eating. There are times when i feel like i am starving and want to eat very badly. So badly my stomach hurts and i can't keep my mind off it. Sometimes once i eat, i feel guilty and feel like I'm making bad choices and i am not gonna get better and gain more weight. I don't think I'm obsessed but my appetite changes like crazy and i feel stupid.


If your BMI is underweight then there's no rational reason to feel guilty about eating at all. If you're underweight and you're finding yourself feel guilty about eating food, then you most likely have an eating disorder. But as long as you're not vomiting or binge eating then it's probably not serious, so no need to worry about it. That might just make it worse.

If you want my advice, I think you should take note of your BMI index and aim to raise your intake of healthy foods until you reach a healthy weight.

The healthier the better really. It's much easier to put on weight than it is to lose it. So as long as you focus on eating home cooked healthy foods then you should get back to your healthy self quite quickly.


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