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IntroductionNew to Site. Please connect.

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Hi. Recently come to the realization that anxiety and depression have been running through my life since early childhood. Still coming to terms with that through therapy. No support. Marriage in tatters. Kids do affected. Need to know this is something I can beat and not something I need to "manage" the rest of my life. Please connect.

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Welcome, Rachul. I am sorry you are experiencing some tough stuff right now.

I do not think anyone can tell you whether you will “beat or manage” or depression/anxiety. Too many variables!!!

Is your health and diet on point? Exercise? Social? Perhaps it is a “situational” depression, but if you see it going way back, perhaps not?

Managing dep/anxiety is a more reasonable way to accpet it, because, quite frankly, we all need to manage our emotions, diets, relationships, spiritual lives, (whatever that is to you).

You are in the right place!

So sorry for your suffering, I have suffered thru my life. Sometimes it goes away. Maybe you are like me Bipolar 11, means bad depressions no manic highs. I would find yourself a quality psychiatrist for a full evaluation you may need some med's. Believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, do not put yourself down, find a support group if you can. Sending, Love/Peace, speedy recovery. Sprinkle 1

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