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Therapy Techniques

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Does anyone have any self-therapy techniques they could share with me? I’ve been through a lot that I’m not quite ready to share with the community here, and it’s really weighing down on me. I would appreciate any techniques you guys could share with me to help me get through this while I search for a therapist. Thank you very much for the help, it means the world to me.

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" Bonnie Sue" as a long list of self help techniques and books. She posted them 7 months ago. You may wish to go to her site and find the post list there and pull it up. Best wishes .

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Agora1 in reply to HearYou

Goodnight "HearYou" it's been a long day. xx Talk tomorrow

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Good night and sleep well, xx

Loads of simple stuff, look in mirror, say I am enough, I love you, use an elastic band on wrist and when you are overcome ping the band, it sends message to brain that alters your state, look upwards, get outside, talk to someone, post on here, there are so many self help books, keep it simple, walking helps me so much. Tc keep in touch

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