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Slowly getting better

I have had a better week this week, my panic attacks are less frequent but if they do happen i try to control them, i don't want to get too excited about feeling better because i still have a long road ahead to help with my anxiety. I have had a few exams this week and to be honest they haven't gone too great however instead of thinking about them and wondering whether i have failed or not i have put it behind me and have moved on with my week, it has actually helped me to control my moods. sometimes i don't want to get up because im scared im going to have another panic attack but i have just pushed myself to at least try. One thing i have realised is that we can't let anxiety and depression take over our lives we have to conquer it, once we have, we have the power and we control what happens. I'm not saying its easy. I'm not saying it won't take time. BUT. i have learnt that if we look for the positives in life then we can start to face our biggest fears and only this way can we become what we truly want to be. I have decided that i will try my best to conquer my anxiety and not let it tell me what i can and can't do!

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Good to hear well done


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