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Anxiety and low mood

Hi.. Had a low mood for nearly a month now. All started when someone i was seeing (who also had low moods/depression) started to distance himself away and not being very kind as he used to be to me; when we had got very close...now stopped talking to me all together. he saw me being in a very emotional and vulnerable state and walked away.

Finding it very hard to move on. Feel he had a huge hold on me.. almost like he's a drug i need. I cry at random moments, lost all motivation in what i loved doing before i knew him. I haven't been sleeping well at all; doctor prescribed sleeping tablets but was reluctant to prescribe anything else until I try other methods. Been going for walks on my own to try and clear my mind. Its just a horrible empty feeling.

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I hope things are better for you.


They are so much better. Started exercising regularly with my personal trainer and i see life so differently now. Thank You.


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