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Me vs Me

I'm 36 and feel myself slipping into a deep depression. I've been here before so I know what it feels like. All I do lately is sleep and cry. When I have to work, I put on a fake face and merely "exist" throughout the day. Thoughts of suicide are creeping into my head and I don't feel like I have the strength to combat them. Everyday is a struggle.... My soul is tired and my spirit is weak..I feel hopeless and alone😢😢

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I know your struggle all too well. Please find someone to talk too asap. These illnesses can be so debilitating. Please seek help now. So sorry you are going through this.


Hey! You are not alone trust me,I used to think the same sure there is people around you that love you very much.

I don’t know you but,i know how you are feeling “it sucks” but it will get better trust me, it got better fir me. God will never abandon you.

Youwanna talk on my cellphone? Please let me know and i will give uou my number. We are here to help each other right?

Please write back to me ok?i will be waiting God bless.

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What helped you recover before? Please take it one day at a time, stay alive and keep breathing, and do get professional help asap. It is not unusual for depression to reoccur and you can get well again. I've been there!

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I too have been where you are as well.

Are you seeing a therapist and or a Psychiatrist? Are you taking any meds?

I still struggle somewhat, but I am getting help with therapy and meds.

The thing that helped me most was being a part of a support group.

There are many different types of groups and many are free.

Having a support network is the most important thing for what we have!

You are certainly NOT alone and I am glad to reached out here!

Look into Self-Help groups in your area online and, if you are not getting help in other ways, I would suggest that you, at least, see your Dr to talk about what you are going through.

Whatever it is you are feeling now, there are those of us who have been there too.

Hope to hear from you again.



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