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I'm doing ok now thanks to 20 mg Flouexitine a day!

Hi everyone, just checked into show everyone that medication does work and nothing to be afraid of ... look back at my posts when I started August time I was so anxious, and thanked god for this site ! I take this medication for a quality of life ! Anxiety is horrendous ! A little bit of support want harm ! Bumped into some friends whilst shopping and they are on seralitin ... excuse spelling of meds. I have been receiving Counselling for a month or to and she mentioned to me that Anxiety actually can be seen as a protective state. As it keeps us our toes by encouraging us your be on high alert ! I have been taught that it can help us from falling lower now life with depressing ! xxx however, rest, etc is encouraged as Anxiety is exhausting !

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Thank you so much for sharing. When you are depressed, it’s hard to get out of bed and go to the doctor. So this may really be encouraging for some.

Also, some of us are terribly afraid of medications and a success story might really help those people.

Thank you!


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