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Just talk to me tell me I’m ok.


I was supposed to go and eat frozen yogurt with some friends. But first I stopped at a store near my to grab some things. As I left my car my head started to hurt. While walking through the store I could feel myself become more tired, if that makes any sense. As I stopped in an aisle to look at windshield wiper fluid I got very vey lightheaded and scared. I grabbed my stuff and took off for be checkout. As I walked it went away some, but also lingered. I checked out and ran for the exit. I was greeted with cold air and a sense of relief. I wasn’t completely out of the woods. I sat in my car and told myself I could make it to my friends house. I drove all the way to her house got inside and drank some water. I cancelled the plans and sat there as I began to feel numb. I cried and explained that I was scared and didn’t know what to do. She told me that it would pass, this wasn’t going to last. I am now laying on her couch still trying to make myself stay calm. This is the first time I’ve had a panic attack that’s come in weird waves and lasted like this.

I am tired.

I am scared.

I am lost.

I am alone.

I am here with someone and feel so alone.

I went three weeks, almost a month without these feelings. They weren’t completely gone but I felt more like my normal self if that makes sense. Then this. I have fallen back. I am here. And I don’t know what to do. I just need some reassurance. I need to know this is normal and ok. I need help. I didn’t want to ask for help. And still don’t. But I am. I need help.

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You asked if you're ok. OK, you're ok. You're not happy and you shouldn't sign any important papers right now, but you're OK.

You had what I call my "anxiety hour(s)". The panic will last about 10 minutes or so. Then anxiety smiles and says "my turn".

It will pass, but remember, the more energy you give it, the longer it will feed on that and last. Try concentrating on other things 15 minutes at a time.

I have a circular race track pattern in my carpet when I just had to MOVE when an anxiety hour hit in the past. If I wake up in the morning feeling that an "anxiety hour" is around the corner, I beat it to my morning Xanax, and I just keep busy doing small things around my home and humming some stupid old song. My husband has learned that is a sign to just give me space, I'm ok eventually as it does pass.

Anxiety is nasty, sneaking, clever and needs energy to continue. You can live with it, but need to learn how. That business about "energy"is important. If you spend your energy on other things, anxiety is starved. That's why I suggested doing something for about 15 minutes, then go to something else for 15 minutes at a time. That approach I credit to my doctor. Yes, you're ok, just a normal person who has anxiety challenges. Just like me. xxx

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Okay. I can do that. I can do something for 15 minutes. I tend to let myself slip further down by just sitting and thinking that something is genuinely wrong. Thank you for this. I’m trying.

HearYou in reply to Traversijess

Of course you are. Don't be too hard on yourself,ok?

Traversijess in reply to HearYou

That feels impossible right now. That’s my biggest weakness. Being too hard on myself. Giving up on myself before I even try and help myself.

But I’m trying now, cause of you.

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Hi, have u ever tried guided meditation? I find that it helps calm me down when I get anxious and sweaty!

Traversijess in reply to Hidden

No. I’m not too sure what that is.

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Ok, go on YouTube and look up “guided meditation for anxiety” and you will find something there. It usually puts you into hypnosis so make sure you are not driving or operating heaven machinery when you try it. It might not work the first time but give it a week and hopefully it helps! I usually meditate at night time before I go to sleep.

That’s all of us! Another thing that helped me was acupuncture in my ear. It’s not painful whatsoever. I found that it would literally put me to sleep. Not sure how or why but it’s amazing! Meditation as well! I agree. I’ve literally taken classes for it. It’s a learned thing for sure. Worth looking into!

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My heart goes out to you, I think I know how you feel, I call it hell. The anxiety balls up in my stomach, sometimes I feel as if I am going mad. I Suffer from depression -two ugly foes. I have a good doctor who is doing her best for me, I also have a psychiatrist, we are trying some new med's to get me out of this hell hole. I do not have friends of family close by so it is very painful and frightening,. Take All the help you can get from Any source, see if you can find a support group, there are free ones, Can you take medicine? There is help - reach out and get it. I send you Peace, You are Not alone, it just feels that way, I know as I feel like that, but we are here, a giant club of caring people all fighting for our sanity. Love Sprinkle 1

I do have medicine but don’t take it. For some reason I am scared of taking it. There is also a part of me that does not want to take it. I don’t want to rely on that to either work or not work. Thank you, I am happy to have found this group.

I love that! Perfect! I pace big time! I used to go in my bathroom so my kids wouldn’t realize how bad it was while I walked it out back and forth in bathroom! Then started trying to go outside but was scared they’d come or I would get too far all alone! It is temporary though and it helps to know that. Sometimes you just have to ride it out but exercise or movement helps so much.


You are okay, and it's okay. As I have relapsed about 6 times, I know what it is like. Do you want to message me and we can talk some more?

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I am not sure I have written in the correct space, please go down further and read my reply.Sprinkle 1

You are normal, and you are ok. You are ok you are normal you are not alone... hence the users on this site :) It is a feeling, not a reality. Anxiety is a feeling, and it is not how things really are. It is just the chemicals in your brain doing weird things, but they are not the reality. I remind myself that when I have anxiety.

You really are fine. Just a normal girl having a normal panic attack. I've been there. They get easier the more you have. Welcome them... The more you have the more you'll realise that nothing will happen to you. That's how I got over them. You have to be brave and stare them straight in the face. Although they don't feel like it, they're harmless. Keep a bag with you with things that will make you feel calmer. I always had a bottle of water, a paper bag (to breathe in to) and some rescue remedy. Other than that go out and show them that you're not scared of them...x

Hi hun,

It sounds like I have anxiety very similar to yours but it lasts 24/7 so it feels normal to me now lol. Something I've found recently that REALLY helps calm my panic are Tibetan singing bowls. You can either purchase one or look it up on Youtube for a cheaper option. I have never had a sound bring so much calm to my soul. It's definitely worth a try. I'm here for you, you got this (:

I am going to give this a try! Thanks for the advice


You are OK. It takes time to get used to it. What you can is put yourself around people who understand. But don't be too hard on yourself. It is a journey

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