Same routine

Hi all, I’ve been feeling very low and find that I have been in the same routine for ages now. I get so bored that I literally feel like I’m going crazy. I don’t have any friends, don’t go out to socialise..NOTHING. I go to uni twice a week and once I’m home and off I just lay in bed with the tv in the background on my phone. I go to the gym also several times a week but suffer from a lot of gynae issues and have pain so haven’t been for a while.

I feel like I may have borderline personality disorder too as I haven’t been feeling myself for a very long time..years even and have complete contrasting mood swings.

I feel this would be less of a strain if I had friends or something to do. I’m finding it so hard to drift off at night and when I do I wake up multiple times. I haven’t had a good nights sleep in ages.

I took my mums zopiclone and it managed to get me to sleep but not stay asleep..I feel like the lack of stimulation is affecting the sleep pattern :(

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  • I understand exactly how you feel about just laying in bed and feeling so depressed and thinking that nothing is gonna change. I hope you feel better. Try speaking to a therapist about the borderline personality disorder. Hopefully they can give a diagnosis or an assessment. Stay strong love💜👑

  • Thank you sweetie, you too 😘

  • I'm glad we are close in age because its hard to find that on here!!!😉

  • Omg I know! I’ve just had a scroll through your posts and can relate to all the PCOS bits 😩

  • Yeah well i'm glad you can relate! We aren't alone and we gotta stick together!💜

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