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Pushing Through

I am in an English grad program and am struggling with my anxiety response. It is an online short-term class and I feel myself shutting down over simple things like making Discussion board entries. I have good research and am can do this. I love this and I'm good at it but my brain just goes into neutral. I have the key in the ignition and I'm fueled up but damn if I can get me into drive.

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You'll get there. I am a student, too. think about what you want out of this program. what is your end goal? keep your eye on the prize. You know how I keep going? I imagine my diploma, my graduation ceremony. That piece of paper that will allow me to do what I always wanted to do. THAT is what makes it all worth it.


What country are you in? I'm in a grad program too and understand what you're talking about. I like km147's idea about keeping you eye on the final goal. This is my first semester and it's been up and down. I figure if I can make it through this one feeling good about it, I'll know I can do it. This ain't my first rodeo, but this program is harder than I expected.

As for writing a class online board response, if we can synchronize the time and it's not too long, I don't mind reading it over before you post if that will help your anxiety a bit. I can doublecheck for what's worrying you, if that will help.


When I was back in school as a non-trad, I had to leave my house for serious study and writing!!! A coffee shop or a library, anywhere BUT home! I had to schedule it as a "class" to stay focused. Often I could not be in the open area's of the library. I had to be in a cubicle to focus.

Make small time goals and just write! No

Heavy analyzing. Just let it go! It helps to get the process going. You've got this!!!


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