Question: Anxiety attack

My dad has anxiety and when you get anxiety attacks, is it normal to have involuntary muscle movements? He's better than couple of days ago. Couple of days ago, Whenever he gets emotional, his whole body was twitching doing involuntary movements. Is this normal for someone who has anxiety? My dad is aware hes doing it but I think that's how he controls his anxiety by moving his body in a strange way.

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  • Not that I'm trying to scare you but it sounds like a small seizure just keep an eye on him and talk to a professional MD about his symptoms just to make sure it's not and get down to what it maybe

  • He said he's aware of doing it. The reason why he's doing it is to release the tension. His brain is saying to do it to feel better. My dad doesn't go to work anymore. It just happened probably a month now but it became more serious for a week now. I'm not used to seeing my dad like this and it happened just all of a sudden

  • Ive had anxiety disorder for the last 15 years and I have gone through all sorts of phases of my anxiety over the years when my anxiety first started 15 years ago I thought I was having a heart attack I felt pure fear and thought I was literally going to die. Over the years of dealing with it And counseling I realize I'm not having a heart attack but a anxiety/panic attack but the feelings are still extremely uncomfortable to the point were I'm not comfortable in any position I'm in weather laying down or standing or sitting I find myself constantly adjusting myself or putting my hand on my chest to see if my heart is still beating it's pretty crazy sounding but I'm sure your dad knows exactly were I'm coming from my doctor gave me xanax which I can say hands down works the best for me but it's a double edge sword because the medication is additive and you become dependent on it but it does work like a dream. Best thing is to just try your best to talk your self out of it and realize it's all in your head and your ok but that's easier said then done sometimes.

  • Thank you! I'm just educating myself with this. Good to know!

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