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How did I end up in this dark place?” Not even that happy memory can bring me joy?

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I can't understand why am like this, for years I have no able to escape from that dark room. Everything is pitch black, I can’t see a way out. So I attempt to feel my way out but to no avail. I start to panic. I want to get out but there is no obvious way. So all I do is sleep, Living the same day over and over again, like the movie Great Groundhog Day, Only this year I have removed all blinds and curtains from my property, its a start of new beginning, even I still sleep all day in my bedroom. After tonight am removing coffee and alcohol from my property, now that going to kill me throwing in the bin. :)

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Hello mousemonk, I totally get where you're coming from. I feel no matter what i try to get better,i'm still stuck here treading water. I always feel like it's groundhogs day too!

That's probably a good thing you are getting rid of alcohol and coffee because both don't seem to be good for anxiety or depression. I don't drink and actually over the past couple of months I lost the taste for coffee and if i do drink it, i get really jittery. I hope you find some peace.

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