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Just curious....

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I suffer from anxiety and depression and I've been on medication in the past and I've been to counseling on several different occasions in the past. I have a very supportive family and a spouse that goes above and beyond to support me and understand what I'm going through. But sometimes I feel like such a burden to those around me that I may not be completely open with them. There are times that I feel so completely alone even though I have a strong support system. Just wondering if anyone else ever feels like this and if so how do you cope with it.

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I feel like this also. I always think that my problems are causing problems for those who love and support me. As far as coping with it, I just do the best I can and make the best of the "good" days and times we spend together. It's hard to feel that you are burdening others and not feel guilty about it. I think that sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone with your feelings. It gives me comfort.

I've had those feelings as well. Definitely times when I felt very guilty for being depressed and not being productive or getting much done. My husband is very mellow and non-judgemental, so it's not coming from him. One thing that helps me is to really take a moment to notice and validate myself when I AM being productive and doing something...cleaning the sink or doing the dishes. It's easy to forget that I'm not always low energy...especially when I'm in the middle of a low energy period. Also, if my husband is feeling fatigued or sick, I'm sympathetic. I bet you are too. So remember, it's ok to be down sometimes and to accept support and sympathy. You would be sympathetic to others, right? So let them be sympathetic to you. Give yourself permission to be a mess sometimes, and weak, and know that you are still worthy of love and of being in a relationship with another person.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that others would be better off without us, but if we actually love them, that is not true at all. Without us, they might not even have a love relationship, or it might be with someone mean and nasty! With you, with all of your imperfections, you are clearly loved (I know, because you wouldn't have that strong support system otherwise!) And if you are loved, you can see in yourself, in the way that you care for others, in that love that they have for you.

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Thank you for you support. Yes, it is easy to forget that those around us are only trying to help and they only want to love and support us. On bad days like today I just feel like I'm doing more damage to those around me because it feels like a contagious disease and I don't want to infect anyone around me. I wish I could just hide away from everyone when this happens.

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