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Feeling worthless

Hi all...I've been low for the past few days...I have these phases where I feel totally worthless, and feel that my future looks bleak. I'm in grad school, I have no motivation to attend classes. My concentration is low, my grades are average. I took a semester off in between too. I'm not very social so have only a few friends, but those 'friends' it turns out were just blood sucking leaches. I guess I do too much for people with little in return. My relationship with my parents has also deteriorated badly since the start of the year....I feel like I have no one to turn to.

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I feel worthless too. It's the worst. I don't want to do anything. I am so depressed and I am on medication. My "friends" are acquaintences. I don't have a significant other because we just broke up and I am afraid to meet anyone else.... I am afraid that I will be the worst thing in their life...so why waste their time. Sucks. You are not alone. I feel for you and I am right there with you.


Hi ackrsnu. I feel this way often. I feel no matter what I do it's not enough.

Of course I don't know your background but for me it comes from being told i was never enough as a child. Abuse changes the chemistry of the brain. When I feel low I remind myself of this fact. Our brains lie to us.

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I feel that way to I hate to talk about my problems when you have your own but I can relate if you wanna talk about it we cam


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