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Anyone on lamictal

So I'm on lamictal and xanax and I'm looking for reviews on lamictal, is it working for you, how long did it take to work or feel the benefits, are there any side effects besides the Steven Johnson syndrome. I just recently by my doctor increased up to 200mg because I had a meltdown with anxiety not fun. In the beginning I felt like it was working I was a lil more calmer and my moods and emotions better but now not so sure cause my moods and emotions are some what back to before I started the meds but I had also hit my low in this bipolar, depression/mania diagnosis. I was in my high a few days before my meltdown and at times it's both my mania and depression at the same time attacking me.

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No anxiety is not fun, I agree with you on that. I’m sorry that I can’t help you about lamictal but I hope you can find some strength and take it one day at a time. Sometimes that all we can do.


I took lamictal for years, I’m not on it now only bcuz I have to insurance and can’t afford to see a dr so I’m not able to take any meds or see anyone. I liked lamictal it really helped with my mood I didn’t have any side effects from it. When I would go back on it I would feel it helping after the first few days but it took about two weeks to a month to really settle in.


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