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Hurting in Little River

Hello fellow sufferers , It would seem we are having a difficult time getting the correct meds to pull us out of this living hell. I have been going around and around with my Insurance company, my Dr. office and Walgreens, and no one seems to give a hoot abut me who is left hanging out to dry - actually feel like I am going crazy. Anyone else have these problems, and any success? Thank you for your feed back.

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I enjoy your posts. I am 46 and have suffered from Major Depressive Disorder and Anxiety since I was around 8 years old. I was fairly symptom free for at least 15 years with only the lowest dose of Prozac. A few years ago (with the ongoing health insurance issues in the US) I lost my doctor who wrote my prescriptions for cash. He was a GP, but would write my prescriptions. He was tired of dealing with the insurance companies so he simply took early retirement. Thus - after a few years without meds I am now in pretty bad shape. I think in larger cities it would be easier to find a doctor who would write an antidepressant prescription for a stable patient, however, there are few resources in rural areas. I'm sure many affected people are too sad to even deal with the issue. I am interested to see if the US will ever provide its taxpayers with a cost effective, income based insurance solution.


HELLO just saw your post. Thank you for liking my complaints and info. i have had some movement since that last entry. I am off to bed now. But I will get back to you on Mon. Hope you sleep well. Sprinkle 1. Sending Love & Hugs.


Hello it is late, had a busy day but did not forget you. I found the book I was looking for: Free & Low-Cost Prescriptions Drugs, Booklet # PD-360, 611 Pennsuylvania Ave. S.E Suite 1010. Washington D.C. 200003-4303. I got this book years ago at low coast, price may have gone up since then (I paid $3.00). It lists alphabetically the drugs. and the Manufacturer. It has a Directory of Pharm. Manufacturer's programs. and phone numbers.

For info write: Medicine Club Intenational Inc. P.O.Box N7108 Nassau. Bahamas.\

If this info. is out of date, I think you should be able to find it on line. I was on Prozac for 10 years, one I got on to this program with my Psychiatrist help, we got the meds for free.

I hope this is still a good address, let me know as I have others i.e. needymeds.org

pparx.com or 1-888-477-2669Rx Outreadh: Http://www.rxoutreach.org.

I hope one of these pays off.

I feel pleased I kept this information, If it pay off for you. Please let me Know.

Sending you the best. I am on Medicare now, so do not need this service (as of now). ?!!!

Send you love and peace. Sprinkle 1. Hugs too.


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