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Hi I’m new to this website and I’m posting for some help I’ve been in a bad way recently every single day I feel like I’m going to drop dead I have a bad feeling that I’m going to die at any time it’s not a panic attack I feel like this constantly I feel like it’s time for my death and it’s scaring the life out of me I think about my funeral and how people will react when I die and I feel like it’s my last days I feel like the end is coming I don’t know what this is maybe fear of death idk but can someone help please it honestly feels real I just sit in my room all day because I think there’s no point enjoying life anymore as I’m going to die anyway it’s really getting me down I don’t want to die

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Hi sorry you have these feelings . If you want to talk on here or in private message feel free happy to listen


I'm so sorry that you feel like this. I sometimes obsess about my health and it can drive me crazy at times. Sometimes going for a walk, or going out to do something helps take my mind off of it. Sitting in your room just letting your head get more into the bad thoughts.

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