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Depression and anxiety

Well I can remember when I started feeling depression. I'll provide the story. Back in April, the 28 th to be exact is when I started dating this amazing person you could ever meet it lasted until the week before my birthday (may 28). I was in a phone call with him. I fell asleep. And she took my phone. She read all of my messages between me and him. She was very upset. I still don't know why. She told me I was never aloud to talk to him again. I tried to sneak in a few conversations with him. But we got bored of doing that and so we stopped talking. I miss him so much and I could never be able to find another love like I had. It only got worse from there. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Nobody in my house knows how to take care of another human being, so I took care of her until she was better, I stayed home 98% if the school year and I had to repeat the grade. My best friend died the week after my mom's surgery. I was devastated. 2 weeks after that my aunt committed suicide, I didn't know if I could recover after that but I did some how. Then after that my house burned down and I lost 5 dogs. It kills me to this day to think about it. I wish for miracles but clearly those don't exist. This month was shitty as well. Like how I found out my step dad was cheating on my mom. He asked me not to tell her. (I told her) and now I may be moving for the 11th time in a year. I hope my life gets better but everywhere I go there is always disappointments waiting for me in an open door. Idk if I'll ever be the same girl I was before I turned 14. Please answer me this question. Why is it harder to cope with depression and anxiety in teenage years?

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Not to sound disbelief, but it sounds hard to believe.... If it is true (or not) maybe you should consider getting some serious counseling...

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I don't mind trying, I don't wanna feel pain anymore.

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Hi Giddy_or_not,

Thank you for sharing. You have had an awful lot to deal with. Talk to your parents about how you are feeling and ask them for what you need to get through this.

If you need further support, don’t hesitate to talk to your family doctor or visit your student assistance centre to get some professional help.

You're here for a reason, don't let bad days outnumber the good ones :)



I am really sorry to hear about your losses and your downhill moments. I personally have been very aware of my own family's fights and witnessed many downhills with my own family. What I suggest you do that helped me personally is to pray for what every it is your believe in. whether it is God or any belief or value that you have. Just hold on tight to your self and Remember that nothing lasts forever and as a matter of fact, these moments you are going through make you stronger and more independent as you grow. People who have it all take things for granted abd you my friend are going through this for a reason. Think long term of how all of thid will change or rather have an impact on your perspective when you are dealing with people and your own family if you ever intend to have one.

Good Luck with everything and if you ever need to message anyone and have someone there for you, feel free to do so (:


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