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Emergency at work

Sorry if I am vague here, I have to be to not give away my job role unfortunately.

I have only recently gone back to work, we are currently on high risk due to the terror threat currently and while working late at night we had an emergency alarm to evacuate immediately due to lets just say an 'incident'. My role in this situation is to evacuate everyone then go to where the threat is and do what needs to be done.

While evacuating I began to feel sick, I have never had this before.. it sounds weird but this usually excites me (you have to be a bit messed up to do this role lol) and to be fair it did still excite me but my stomach went mental.

To cut a long story short it was a false alarm triggered by a member of public doing something stupid but yeah, thought i'd give you guys a short story about whats happened to me and how my anxiety still tries to mess me up!

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Hi InjuredBiker,

Anxiety and stress are tricky things to control at the best of times. Things happen so fast there is no time think and process the flight or fight response.

The good thing for you, is that your were able to carry out your job role and then process the physical response afterwards.

It's a good place to be :)


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