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A spouse apart

Aloha all, just signed up for this website and Community a couple minutes ago not sure how it all works but really looking for some assistance regarding general anxiety disorder and depression. Sorta sounds like a cop-out like an "I have a friend that has this problem..." story, however, I'm a husband that has a wife with this disorder. I would like to get some education on how to support this because truly she's the one for me and I refuse to give up on her.

Thank you all!

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You have the perfect attitude... Your wife can't help her anxiety, don't ever give up,,, this is online version of a support group which helps each other ,,, don't be afraid to ask for and give advice... You may want to start researching the fight-or-flight response,,, I have general anxiety with some depression (more on the anxiety side), I have gotten more of a handle on it so some days I ask for advice and some days I give advice, I'm fairly new here ....


I'm in a similar situation with my partner. His anxiety has been awful over the past year. He barely leaves the house and has not been able to get a job because of this. I love him to pieces and don't want to give up on him but it's so difficult some days to know what to do. I'm sure this isn't helpful but know you're not alone and that your wife deep down loves and appreciates everything you're doing.


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