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Blood work yesterday and have to have another transfusion tomorrow. This will be the 4th in 2 years. The doctor said that I am just not absorbing iron. I know my diet and exercise don't help but I've been really trying this past two months, to the point of countless panic attacks. I feel like I'm dying. What's the point of this? Where will this end? How long will this take to get through? Will I get through it? I don't need words of encouragement or answers to those questions from total strangers

. I just want to not feel like a total fucking burden any more for things I can't control. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh

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Have you tried taking magnesium? It can help with anemia, get the stuff called Remag as it is absorbed differently, My daughter has same problem and it helped her immensely, no more transfusions. It won't hurt you so why not try it. Good luck


Thanks! I'll give it a try.


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