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Hi ,

I guess im looking for answers to a long term problem of mine. Im gay and im k with it on the surface but deep down im not .. ive been depressed about it for some years and i want to take control of it as im scared next time i feel low i will do something stupid. So i guess u can call this my cry for help . I know who i am and im happy but i tell people or when people find out i hurts me and puts me into the worst. Why it hurts me i dont know.. i had a bad childhood and i guess i just dont want to have a crap adult hood and lets me real being gay is not the easiest thing and im from my ethic background makes it even 80%more worse.. I just want to be ok ..

Can someone please help ?

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  • I have a close relative going through a similar situation. He is very private about it, it is really sad that he seems ashamed of it. Ethnic background has 100% to do with it. Catholic upbringing mixed with it too.

    I wish I could offer advice... There is nothing wrong with you

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