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I've starved myself also !!!

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Hi there how u coping ? I have voice in my head who berates me constantly. For yrs I starved myself to the point that I was just over 6 stone n I'm quite tall . This voice was telling me that I deserved everything I got frm life so why u still here. She (I call her my evil twin)kept on at me not to eat n to have a long painful death by starvation !!! Talkin to my daughters didn't help n I lay on sofa in a deeper depression than before. I had sickness n a really upset tummy bout 3-4 times a week,wich made me vry weak. Wen I came out of my depression I realised that I didn't want to die. I looked like I'd been in a prisoner of war camp,there was nothing there wen I looked at my body n it scared me. She's still goin on "thought u were starving urself look at u,u çant even kill urself !!! Don't do this to urself as it only makes u worse mentally, physically,emotionally draining. Please get help as there is a lite at the end of the tunnel. I understand that the voice inside my mind is me because I hate myself. Get help with eating ASAP x

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