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Fed up and need a change

Hi all, I've been feeling very lonely and depressed for a long while now and it's really taking its toll on me. I have no friends and have become almost agoraphobic. I had one friend who I trusted but she stopped talking to me over me not being able to meet up and it was my birthday last week and she didn't even wish me a happy birthday. This sounds so petty and young lol. (I'm 22 btw). I literally lay in my bed or the sofa all day everyday on my phone looking at instagram/snapchat. I become really tearful in the nights as I'm just so lonely and have no one to talk to or to do anything with. I go back to uni next week after a year out and am so anxious about what to expect. I don't know what happiness is anymore or how to enjoy myself. I've tried to do things to make me feel better such as buying nice things but once I've got it its of no value to me. I've been to cbt therapy before but it hasn't helped and i wasn't feeling as bad..

I just need to know what to do next..

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Hi, sorry you are feeling this way.

When I was at college I joined one of the clubs, but I chose something that I could have time to myself as well as interact with the others in the club. So I took up archery.

I would also suggest you also speak to student guidance at you uni because they may be able to offer you some advice.

Also check and see what else is on offer in your are, there are usually charities or other groups who offer support.

You can get through this.

Take care.

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Thanks for the response..yeah I have been considering joining some groups once I'm back to help with the social side x


Let us know how you get on.

Take care.


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