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When does it stop

My anxiety is health so when do the issues stop so I get a break ? Had heart issue turned out to be no big deal now I have tiny amount of blood from nipple but just had a diagnostic mammo and ultrasound nothing found so I may need surgery to determine the cause all I can think about is breast cancer . I took progesterone because I wasn't producing any only high doses of estrogen . Asked drs if that can cause breast cancer they said absolutely not now they say well there's a slight increase in risk . I am petrified and crying

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It is extremely unlikely that there is anything wrong, given that the diagnostic mammo and ultrasound found nothing. There is a part of your brain that has been activated (the amygdala) that is telling you that there is something wrong and that you are in danger. Are you seeing anyone for therapy? There are professionals who specialize in health anxiety. There is cognitive behaviour therapy as well. I also have health anxiety but am learning how to cope with it, with the help of a psychologist who specializes in it. I also do abdominal breathing, listen to calming music, let the negative thoughts float by, try to get some exercise every day, and focus on doing something productive |(cleaning, organizing, etc.) It can also help to write out your fears in order to desensitive yourself to them and get them out of your head and onto paper. I really encourage you to consider seeing a professional with experience in helping people deal with health anxiety, and try some of the calming techniques.


THank you yes I have a neuro psychologist and a psychiatrist and on mess . Trying hard to combat this OCD I appreciate your input


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