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... To be honest, i don't normally do things like this. I'm often the one that has to be strong and shoulder the burden for others- including my wife and remaining child.

I am 27, and a father of two beautiful children- one of which I had to lay to rest in March of this year. I'm no stranger to hardships- growing up in an emotionally abusive household- and I was always thw strong one for my mother and sister; being there as an emotional counterbalance to my father. So dispite how hard this has been... I thought I could be strong enough to support my wife and child through this and be their pillar as I had done before with my family... But it's too much.

I've been advised to seek help, and this is my attempt to. I dont have insurance or any way of seeing professionals about this, and its obvious that Ive been fighting off the grief- which is coming back at full force. Dealing with depression, anger management issues, and now symptoms of PTSD- it's become too much. This is why I've sought out this support group- and why I'm putting this all out there. I've never been a part of something like this, but i need help.

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Maybe it is a good time to be able to see that you found this for a reason, you are meant to gain strength here....I'm so sorry for your loss, it is brave thing you did to put your child to rest (I think that if I had passed away as a child who better than my parents to help lay me to rest, especially my dad) .....and now you can find peace for you your family and friends......you still have that strength inside that you had growing up- that's something you're born with, you just have to dig deeper until you find it again......there are people here who could benefit from your gift of strength....

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I am deeply sorry for your loss. I have pets but no children so I cannot imagine what you are going through. But you are defidently a strong person. You are still there for your family. Everybody needs support and it's commendable that you recognized it. I believe what redbridges7diana said that people can gain strength from you.


So sorry about your child. I have grown children, but can not imagine what you are going through.

I am on this site also because I do not have mental health insurance, and I cannot afford professional help.

I have found that talking here, having people reply, and sharing their knowledge helps. Even just reading through the posts helps me. But please keep talking, and communicating. There is usually always someone online here which is unlike some of the other sites I've been a part of.

Wishing you well..


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