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What are some coping skills or things to do to help with depression so bad you can't function. Having episodes everywhere at any time. :( please help!

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Gee, I wish I knew.

Lol thanks I guess :/


Hi I only mainly have mild depression but I do have the odd very bad flair up when I get suicidal. What helps me is saying every morning this is not the day I am going to do it. That takes the pressure off for that day.

The other thing which helps is knowing that it will pass again within a few days coz it always does.

Everyone is different though so knowing yourself is important. I hope this helps a bit.

Oh and the other thing I do is trawl through suicide sites looking for painless ways to kill myself. After I can't find any and reading other people's stories I really go off the idea. x

OliviaJoseph in reply to Hidden

Thanks & I do the same. I have those 2/3 day episodes but this one hasn't went away & it's been a month :( thanks for the advice it is super helpful❤️

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Good I am glad. I live in fear of my bad episodes not going away again... I think I would have to go back to the doctors if I was able to.

I really hope you feel a bit better very soon. Take care xx

OliviaJoseph in reply to Hidden

Same. Thanks again!

Small small steps. Small small goals :)

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Yes x

Thank you❤️

i've suffered with depression for 20 years only recently have my episodes returned on a kind of regular basis but I'm on new medication I take lithium at night as the doctor says my moods cycle down very deep I'm not bi polar because I don't get the very high manic episodes I just get the really down depressive episodes so he put me on lithium as a mood stabilizer but I still have flashes of depression the worst thing for me is not having a plan for the day if I wake up in the morning and I don't have work or I don't go to yoga or not meeting a friend for lunch it's just a wide-open day with nothing planned that's the worst thing for me my mind starts to wander and i instantly feel a sense of loneliness .

I work two afternoons a week I help my daughter with her two little babies at least one full day a week and I just now started volunteering at my granddaughter's preschool one morning a week so I'm trying to fill up empty space I'm not good with empty time and that helps me plus doing things for others is what also helps

OliviaJoseph in reply to yeja

Thank you❤️

Anything that involves connecting with people might help, like the lovely answer above says. It can be trivial, put on a polite smile for a brief moment and see if that helps (smiling can lift your mood!). I suspect coming here to post and ask for advice helps too, after all, we are real people.

I couldn't get out of my depressive funk yesterday, even though I knew that it would probably pass because all the others have, and I have loads of help, support... and then this morning I managed to get up and even went for a run (which I've started as another way of lifting my mood).

But it's SO, so hard sometimes. And I see that you have other issues too. Good luck with your studies. It is possible to get over each depressive episode.

Thanks you so much!

I often have a state of apathy. I don't want to do anything. Very often I don't finish what I started before. This becomes a serious problem when I promise to do something to people and don't fulfill my promises. My friend recommended me special pills, such as . They help me cope with lack of sleep and stay motivated for the whole day. I can not work without inspiration, and these tablets improve the mood.

lots of good advice

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