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Easy to admit, hard to follow through. An endless cycle of Depression and Anxiety/Social Anxiety

I wish I could figure out a way to make my constant emotional and mental pain and suffering tangible/visible, that way people could see and understand how miserable I really am every second of every day. Maybe people would see why I am the way I am and do the things I do...

Sometimes it's just nice to know you're wanted, needed, and loved seems like I'll never feel that again...

My life feels like as if I've fallen into a big thing of quick sand, the more I struggle and fight the worse things get for me.

I wish people could see how much pain I'm in every second of the day, I feel so alone...

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You are not alone even though it seems like it,,,


I know what you mean.- Sometimes I have so many regrets. At any rate we are not alone


Dang i can completely relate to this. Exactly how i feel at the moment but I'm sure you are stronger than you think you are. Hang in there. You will get through the rough parts of life and succeed. I understand where your coming from so i promise you, your not alone at all. Message me anytime you need some advice or a friend! Praying for you 💕😘

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