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I'm new here

Hi my name is John. I was diagnosed with two illnesses a year ago. I go to Mayo Clinic because not many people know about it. Lately, my depression has been worse than in recent years. I overthink and let negative thoughts enter my mind. I have self-confidence issues where I don't think I'm good enough for anyone. I feel alone (even though I have a big support system that helps me everyday). If anyone has any advice for me, I would appreciate that. Is there anything to distract me from overthinking?

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Hi, I used to have many voices in my head giving me all the what if scenarios for situations and also picking to bits where I went wrong with things I had done that day.

I did a lot of work with a psychologist to help improve this situation. I first learnt to identify the situations that I was over thinking, then I used various recording methods to record the scenarios , what my negative thoughts were about the situations and what the positive results were from the situations. I gradually learned to recognize when I was starting my negative thinking and how to change my thought process. I also found that my self confidence issues not only came from my anxiety and depression but also from the fact that on matter what I did I found fault in it and whatever I did was never good enough. With the help of my psychologist, mostly us talking and her getting me to identify what I could do to change my views on myself, I was able to recognize that if I looked at situations and imagined it was someone else that had done the work and not me, I would not have picked out the faults I was picking out when I was viewing it as myself having done the work.

I like using affirmations and mantras, so I started using the mantra "Don't be so hard on yourself" which had just been released as a song by Jess Glynne at the time. I had notes stuck up all over my house and on my phone and computer to remind me of this and various other affirmations like "I am enough".

These all worked for me. I still have to remind myself now that I am still too hard on myself but I am a lot better. I still have issues with my self-confidence, but rather than it being all the time it is only in certain situations.

I also found working on a healthy diet and exercise also helped because I didn't feel so tired and was able to think more clearly.

I hope this helps.

Take care.


The sticky notes with positive messages helped me. I had all through my house, in my car, at my desk at work. That's very helpful!



I too felt like you did. I use to feel like I didn't deserve certain people in my life because I felt like I wasn't good enough. I too use to have negative thoughts about everything. What has helped me is being humble, putting myself in other's people shoes who may have it worst than me. When it comes to your health, sure you should be concerned but try not over stress. Think of someone whose situation is 10 times worst than yours. We all have our days but don't let the negative consume you, it can make whatever health problems worse. Focus on the good that can come out of ever situation and hang in there🙏


I have a small support system, so I think that is great that you have a big one.

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