Have my days

For the past few days I've been at peace with my depression. I felt like I was getting things together with my life and being productive. I ignored the thoughts that made me cry or hate myself.

However today there was nothing that could've prevented Rhodes thoughts from returning. I hate crying because I feel like I've cried too much. I cry over the same person over and over again for what? What is wrong with me?!😭 I just hope that things blows over and I can go back to those nice days that I've been having

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  • Ohms believer, I value those days too. When you feel you are pushing through the depression and anxiety. They come and go. Don't judge yourself for having a bad day. Those feelings aren't permanent. It's hard to accept the sadness but we need to. It won't follow us around if we do. God blessLD

  • Thanks!

  • OhMsBeliever just try to gear up again , put yourself together, you deserve one more chance . A small but a really helpful (tried and tested )thing you can do is , go for a 20min walk , bask in the Sun and then take a good long nap . It will do you a world of good.

  • Thank you!

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