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Looking for support

I'm new to this group and want to introduce myself. My name is Steve, I'm 32 and have been dealing with anxiety and panic since I was 12. I am also an alcoholic and have been sober for around a month. I smoke cigarettes as well. My anxiety has become an issue in the past couple of months and now I constantly worry 24/7. I have premature atrial contractions with my heart and have a constantly irregular heart rhythm. I am now on xanax as it is the only drug that has worked for me but I still find myself very anxious and almost panicking. Any support or recommendations would be helpful. I know I need to cut out smoking as well as it does not help anxiety. Anyways I'm kind of scattered brain on this post so have a good day!

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Hello Steve, nice to meet you. I am also new to the group. I also suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. My Dr has tried me on several medications and right now he has me on one called Buspar. It helps most of the time. However I still have anxiety and panic attacks. But it has eased them off some. Before I stated this medication i was having them every day all day long. If you haven't tried this medication then maybe you could ask your Dr about it.

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