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I am new here. I have had issues with anxiety and depression most of my life but the last year has been the worst ever. My best friend committed suicide two days after my birthday last year. Oct 2nd will be a year since she passed. I am feeling the anxiety winding up now and have a few other things contributing to it. My dad's health is not so good, and he is the caretaker for my mom who has MS. He is not dealing with it well and it has really scared me. I am pretty sure I had a mild panic attack after seeing him this past weekend. On top of that I am preparing for surgery in October to correct an issue I have with my legs due to having a form of muscular dystrophy. I am trying to cope with all of this piling up but really feel as if I am drowning in all of this at times.

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I cant even imagine what you are dealing with but i wish i could do more than write these mere words.

I lost my granny two months ago so the pain of losing someone is as fresh as it gets. Losing a best friend would have been hard on you. Its like there is a gaping hole left in your chest that just doesnt get filled with anything.

A friend of mine had MS and i saw how painful it was for her. She passed away 3 years ago. It wasnt easy for me to see her this way but she showed lot of strength for her family and friends. When you mentioned MS, all those memories just got refreshed for me. Your dad would also need all the support he can get if he isnt dealing with it well. Is there anyone at all who you can call in to speak with your dad and if possible stay with him? Smallest gestures of kindness can do wonders and if someone can come over, it might even ease your mind too.

You will come out fine as well from your surgery as your dad and mom needs you. Maybe it is your best friend watching over you now. I dont think she would want you to remember her this way, instead she would rather want you to remember her by all the good memories you had.

I for one certainly hope that she might even come to you as your guardian angel and pull you out from feeling like drowning.

Like they say... Night is darkest before the dawn. Just hang in there and it will get better. Wish you and your family strength to be able to make it through these hard times.

Take care.

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