What is best?

Just wondering what people finds helps most. Do you acknowledge your anxiety or try to ignore it through the day? I find if I acknowledge it I start to obsess about it and start to panic about it. Or do I just try to ignore it and shut it out and continue to go about my day?

Finding it really hard to work at the moment as I get myself so worked up before and really struggle while I am there 😔 but then if I try to take it easy through the day while I'm at home it's like I have too much time on my hands and I spend the day extremely anxious!

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  • Well I've done both and I'm not really sure which is better or worse. I do know that I try and do some sort of guided meditation in the morning to start the day off feeling relaxed and tell myself positive things. Even if it only helps half the day, sometimes that's all we can ask for. One day a time or sometimes and hour at a time. Maybe when your at work if possible go to the bathroom and just do some deep breathing exercises and count as you breathe in and same amount out. Hope this help a little.

  • I acknowledge it and always try to determine the cause, so that I don't repeat unecessary actions or thoughts, and then I use techniques I've learned to try to reduce or eliminate it.

    - First, I'll tell myself "I like this feeling! This adrenaline is pumping because I'm excited" to trick my mind. If that doesn't work well...

    - I use EFT Tapping that I learned from my therapist. It's very affective. Youtube how to do it. Seems ridiculous, but it works.

    - I also mediate using guided videos on YouTube. It sorta resets me.

  • Acknowledging it at the same time as you having a panic attack is going to make it worse. I always have to avert my attention on something else or distract myself. If that doesn't work I take my medicine and I start doing an everyday activity like laundry or dishes doing something familiar always helps ease the anxiety. I have had some really extreme ones where I have had to call my mother to come over and having someone there helped it pass

  • Hello, I notice if I acknowledge my anxiety it makes it a lot worse. I try and focus on a sound or something particular. I also have essential oils that I will put on my wrist and smell it when I feel it coming on. Lavender works best for me. It dont always help but it does sometimes. The counting my breathing helps sometimes as well. For example breath in through your nose is 1 breath out through your mouth 2. Continue this to 10 and then start over at one. Continue until your anxiety subsides. Try and block everything out and only focus on your breathing. Hope this helps.

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