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Lately, my panic attacks are happening less and less. It's the first time in a long time. Are they completely gone? No, not even close. But much more manageable. I have come to terms that my anxiety may be something I may never really fully get rid of. And that is okay. I fight everyday this senseless fear that tries to creep its way into my head.

When I think back on some of the worst panic and fear I have ever felt from anxiety, it gives me a sense of hope, and strength knowing I got through something that dark and difficult. Sometimes we have to remember how many times (days) we have fought and even been defeated by the extreme fear to help retrain our brain that it IS possible.

There is hope to fear LESS.

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Thats awesome im happy for you and your right . We have to remember that it will get better and lile you said its something we have to manage.

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Thanks inom! I hope you stay here and continue to give us inspiration.


Thank you inom. Mine occur every morning the instant I open my eyes. The psychological terror that follows is hugely debilitating. No-where to run or hide. The only thing I can do do is practise acceptance and patience since the more I fear or anticipate it, the stronger it becomes.

I am determined to beat it. It might not go away totally but it cam be lessened so that it's not as personally terrifying.

Don't know if anyone else experiences the sensation of total irrational fear for no reason? When this happens I don't know what it is that is terrifying me ... I'm just terrified. I try to go about my business or ignore it and eventually passes 😢


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