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Just wanted to know are there seniors out there with clinical depression. I'm 67, retired. Have had clinical depression for over 29 years. Hereditary, and chronic. Am currently on celexa.

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Yes. I am in my 60's nice to meet you. x

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You too. Lilacs are my favorite flower. How are you doing?

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I'm also in my 60's and have had anxiety and depression most of my life. I've recently changed from Effexor to prozac and am struggling.

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We are going to make it, people. It is a struggle every day. If you are having problems with meds,ask your doctor about the DNA test that will tell you what the best med is for you. Medicare will cover.

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I never heard anything about DNA testing for antidepressants. Thank you for telling me.

Generally, most physicians, are aware of this test.

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I am in my sixties also. It is nice to meet you. I never thought about asking that question glad you did I have been struggling with depression most of my life I was in therapy after my meltdown in college and that when I became aware of my depression. I worked all my life in spite of it and never missed work. I was sick every weekend. I had my 3rd meltdown a few years ago and I'm still fighting my way out. Found a support group and a counselor and that ended. Everyone here that I talked too is friendly. There are a lot us and hopefully help each other. Keep hanging in there and I hope to hear from you.


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Dear M, I too, worked hard all my life. Graduated from college. Went through a short marriage, had a beautiful daughter, (now 44), divorced. Raised my daughter as as a single mom, in a stressful job, low pay and all through that fighting clinical depression. Not day at a time, no cure. Will we get over it? No! We will get around it, with God, therapy, and meds. We must take care of US!!!!

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Dear V

Thanks for replying. Hope is a good day for you. It's been ok all week, but tight now I feel totatally exhausted . I realized long ago everyone is fighting something. I found a support group and it was good to be with people. One by one everyone quit and then there was me. My therapist said she would continue to see me and then she quit her job. She asked me to go with her. Things didn't end well. I take Zoloft and I'm trudging thru life like so many other people. This time of year is my favorite, fall and Halloween. Keep trudging

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Nice to meet you. I just turned 66. I to suffer from depression and anxiety. Hope you feel better

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