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Randomly very angry with myself


All the sudden I got very mad at myself, anxious, and depressed over my body. My looks and body shape often make me depressed but never flat out angry and anxious. I'm not due to go out and do anything social anytime soon so I don't know why i got so anxious. I just all the sudden got very irritable and that anger somehow directed itself to my body. I'm very curious as to why that happened because i'm never usually depressed, anxious, and angry at the same time.

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Maybe your going thru some hormonal or chemical changes in your body and mind. Has anything changed in your life or have you started taking any medications? I hope you're feeling better.

There are all sorts of things that can cause odd things to happen. Have a think about what you were doing for the few days up to how you feel now and work out what is different. New medication or a change in it? Different sleep patterns? Forgetting to take your tablets? Any new stresses or changes to your life might be a reason as well.

If you are really worried about it have a word with the you GP or health care specialist.

Also use any techniques that you have learned to control the feelings and stay positive this is a blip and it will get better.

Don't dwell on the reason too much if you can't find the reason keep on with any work you are doing to help you get better.

Take care.

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