I got out the house today,i even laugh which made mom cry... she missed my laughter she said

Almost 2 weeks since I've been outside, i got out the house and went to ross. My heart started racing inside the store and i couldn't feel my hands i thought i was having a heart attack n mom saw that, she hugged me for at least 10 minutes, just holding me and my breathing slow down.... today was ok

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  • Good for You! I'm proud of you!!!!!

  • Thanks im a little proud of me too... those were huge steps

  • Yes very huge steps! I have the same issue. Keep it up! You got this!

  • thank god for moms, mine's 91 and her hugs are so soothing

  • Yes totally thank God for our mothers

  • So proud that you survive.

  • Go Girl!! ❤ Please don't wait 2wks to try it again. Every lil bit better, IS BETTER!

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