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A Triumph!

I had a good thing happen and thought i would share. One thing thats really been fueling my depression lately has been the way things ended with a guy i was seeing. We only went out a couple months but things just went bad all at once really fast. I actually still like him as a person and have tried to be friends and let him know im still here of he needs anything and he basically just wont talk to me which was hurtful of course. The whole thing got me thinking that he never cared in the first place and just used me and that was hanging on me that question. I finally got the courage up to ask him if he would talk to me for a minute and that i wasnt doing well. He actually did, not long and not much, but he did answer the gnawing questions and i felt such a weight lifted off. I know this doesnt always work out so well, but just get the courage and be honest and reach out to people you need to talk to! It may work great and you'll feel much better and if not at least You tried and dont have to wonder if theyll help or not.

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Great job, not just in stepping outside your comfort zone, but also recognizing that you took care of yourself and sharing it with others. Sounds like you're on the right track! ☺

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Great to feel the "Happy" and "Life" coming off your post! Glad to here of your success. May it remain as a reminder you can put out the flames.

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