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Getting older

Hey everyone I'm a soon to be 47 year old man that's having a bad time dealing with the fact that I'm getting older,just knowing that my b-day is coming up just depresses me,I know that I'm blessed for waking up each day,but the simple fact that I'm getting older just makes me want to cry,I've always believed that we all have a inner kid inside of us that never goes away and my inner kid cries to remind me that he is still there,and that's the part that hurts the most is knowing that he can't come out and play anymore,I totally understand that we all get old it's just telling that inner child that his time has past,he doesn't understand that we all grow up,sometimes beautiful memories hurt so much because that's were are inner child lives and he never wants to leave,I would give anything to wake up for one day and be that care free kid I once,whenever I cry it's just my inner kid crying out to not be forgotten

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Hi nice to meet you. I presume as you are posting in an anxiety/depression site that you are a sufferer? Are you getting any treatment at the moment?

No one likes the thought of getting older and we all feel like that once we get to a certain age. We don't have to lose the inner child though as this can be for ever if we want to keep it. I might be old but I am 18 inside and always will be.

Look at it this way - at least you have made it this far and that is an achievement in itself.


Hi kidd70, I can relate. I’ve also come to the sudden realization that I’m never going to feel as energetic and look as young as I used to. I try to remind myself of this, though… I’m the same person on the inside I was 20, 30 years ago. My body simply won’t react as quickly as I’d like and it hurts (physically) to get out of bed in the morning….


I find myself NOT worrying about being accepted by others as much. (don’t get me wrong—I still worry) I’ve grown a bit of a "if you don’t like it, then go somewhere else" kind of attitude. I’m smarter than my younger self, I say what I want—especially those smartass remarks I’ve always kept inside over the years— and even if my body screams, "stop it, you’re killing’ me!" I keep going… just not as fast and not as far… but I still go… and I still have fun.

I know this is so very much easier to say than to actually do… but please don’t let that inner child of yours go away. Feed him and get him out there, try new things, and do old things… slower! But have fun and enjoy him. He’s gonna be there for you as long as you need him to be. You control that little guy!

Growing old with grace doesn’t sound like much fun to me anyway.

You’re in my thoughts.


I read somewhere that when we shuffle off this mortal coil we shouldn't aim to have the best maintained body around, but should slide there sideways kicking and screaming having enjoyed your life to the last ounce. There is a lot to be said for that :)


I understand your dismay, but I agree with others that there's no reason to banish your inner child. Let him hold your hand and remind you of what's important, with that ruthless honesty that children are famous for. It's hard to see our bodies age, but the trade-off is the wisdom that perspective brings. I try to remind myself of how much farther along I am in my recovery than I was in my youth, and of what strides I've made in self -knowledge and awareness.

See if you can celebrate your birthday:

You've made it! You're here!


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