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Feeling some relief

Since my last post I visited a new therapist and I hav an appt. to see my new psych doc. I'm nervous and anxious but I feel somewhat relived that I'm taking the necessary steps to get help I have had 3 attacks since my last post an was spent a day in the ER due to dehydration I literally thought I was dying my body was weak and tired. The last few days have been difficult but I'm doing my best I have so much on my plate right now and I'm takin it one bite at a time (lol) my body just feels tired i have no energy hoping that will change soon I'm so eager to see the new doctor. Has anyone had a better week or day?

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You're not alone. It's 4:30 am. I can't sleep because of the anxiety I have. At least you're taking the right steps... I can't even take one step forward. I'm standing still :-/


I pray you can gather the energy to seek some sort of help I thought to myself " Can I live like this forever" It's an never ending suffering seeking help is the only way you have to pus and fight you can do it don't give up


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