My depression is so bad now that I can barely get out of bed and when I do I can't do much. Everything that I had fun doing before I have lost interest in. My mom doesn't support me at all and still believes I make this up even though doctors have told her that I am depressed. I am going through this alone and it is really difficult. If you have any tips to help please let me know.

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  • You need to find the one thing that you want to fight for and fight like hell its hard i suffer from depression also but look for little things to make you happy

  • I understand what it's like to have an unsupportive family, luckily I found friends and an amazing husband who encourage and support me. Sometime we have to make our own families when ours just don't understand. I know it can be hard if you don't have anyone you are close to at the moment, but try to seek professional help(therapy, meds, ext whatever works for you) for now and build loving and supportive relationships if you don't have them already. Even this support group can help, so you are already taking steps in the right direction! People who have not had mental illness often find it difficult to understand, I am sorry your mum isn't here for you, but you are not alone. <3 Things can get better.

  • I use exercise and going outside to help easy my depression and anxiety.

  • You are not alone. My family is not supportive either. I have a few friends who try their best to understand what I'm going through and I also go to my therapist for support. I've come to this site to find support with others who experience the same things.

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